Vnukovo, Moscow

One of the attractions of the Novomoskovsk district of Moscow
this is Vnukovo airport. Here I sit at home on Saturday and I think it would be good
to go out of town on nature, from Ramenok to Vnukovo airport
there is nothing to get yet, but from the Rasskazovka it will be possible. By the way what is
tells me that without politics there will not be, that is open
a new branch (the line from Ramenki to Rasskazovka) closer to the elections of the mayor of Moscow.


But let’s leave politics aside and go to nature to the planes that’s just people go to the country and on the way to stop to see


on planes taking off into the sky, to be honest with the Kiev highway
you can see a little for that, on the way to stop you can warm up a little


the net fence in the photo can be seen, it certainly interferes-better than concrete come to see the planes whole families, even with small children


the naked eye can be seen badly and without good optics can not do for landing
went, go to the landing in the direction of the area so the first touch is not visible


acceleration, charged with the transaction of the transition




disappears high in the sky


these are different planes, so it looks from the Kiev highway.
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On the day of the birth, Inspiration

International festival of arts Inspiration for the fourth time held at VDNH
from July 20 to August 5, 2018, the reconstruction of the pavilions at VDNH is completed
Exhibition of Achievements of the national Economy is again available for walks


August 1, at ENEA’s birthday and in honor of the birthday festival of the arts Inspiration prepared a special festive program for the guests of the Exhibition


opening for the space Odyssey concert of symphonic music


Space Odyssey French theater, Les Plasticiens Volants is a parade of incredible the shape, colors and size of the fantastic shapes that move on the ground between people and soar in the air


a special performance was prepared for the birthday of the Exhibition on August 1,
this is a story about travelling in the Universe, the fabulous adventures of the stars and planets


which will begin directly on the Central alley of VDNKH


the cosmic tale has begun


space dragons are alien creatures


we flew along the Central alley


people as spellbound by the crowds went for the alien guests


alien guests from unknown Planets and Galaxies arrived on the day of the birth of VDNH


of course, many pictures of the cosmic tale


space aliens continued to walk along the Central alley of VDNKH


the pavilions on the Central alley were painted in an unusual fairy-tale color


and the space fairy tale ended with a large and beautiful fireworks.


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Today’s assignment.

Today’s task for the photographer is to diversify the photos of aircraft in the sky
adding to frame something extraneous, for example tree branches or the leaves on the trees,
in order to make such shots I went to the Vnukovo airport and walked through the forest more often


of course, with a camera and a large and heavy TV, the plane in the sky on blue the background looks boring and not interesting, so I have to come up with something new


now I’ll tell you how it is, or rather you’ll see for yourself


it would seem to take a picture of the plane among the branches and leaves is very simple, and no all is not easy


the focus of the lens is very often focused on the trees, and the plane turns blurred


in a dense forest it is very difficult to find a hole in the sky, not always have time to take a picture


but, good shots there are very few of them just two pictures.



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And again Vnukovo, in one of their articles I wrote that in ties with the hardest to
football world Cup walking along airport fences with cameras is prohibited.
However, this is not so, this year I went to Sheremetyevo Domodedovo and Vnukovo.
Not any prohibitions and special mode of protection I have not found.
Vnukovo airport is considered a government airport, today having visited the
Vnukovo airport I found peace of mind and idyll, I do not want to take pictures.


Here and take pictures of everything I don’t want, let’s start with the uninteresting planes in the sky



walk along the fence in the direction of the Kiev highway


and uninteresting in the sky shoot


intense traffic one plane takes off the other on landing comes in


unfortunately, it is not so small Vnukovo airport and aircraft became smaller


just trying to keep what’s left, the planes of Russia is the former Transaero


the story about the hole


the hole in the transition to the Kiev highway every year becomes more and more


more visible.


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