Love next door


Dear readers, I don’t write romantic stories that often,
but this is a romantic moment in my life.
New photo Earrings :
I really and very often asked a question !
Who took your picture like that, who was she ?
Who took your picture in the apartment on Borisovsky ?
It is about this romantic cases I want to tell you.

The first part is Introduction.
She : Hello.
Me: Hello.
She : I saw you, we’ve met before?,
you are from which place ?
I : I the 14th floor, and you ?
Her : I’m from the 15th floor, you have the window of the apartment on which side ?
I : we Have Windows on the street, and you ?
She : I Have in the yard, Oh and you could show me the apartment I’m so curious !
Me: Yes of course, let me show you the apartment.
The small Elevator car stopped on the 14th floor, we got off the Elevator.
I got the keys and a minute later we both entered the apartment.
She : you Have a good apartment, big, comfortable. You’ll have a nice life.
Me: what are you doing tonight ?
She: Even not know, and you ? Oh you’re a photographer ? Could you take a picture of me ?
(In the bedroom near the big bed in the tripod was a camera)
Me: what’s your name ? Yes, of course I’ll shoot you, come tonight.
She : my name is — — — — — and you ?
I: and me name is Sergei.
We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet at my house tonight.

Part two-One at home.
You know one home is boring and sad, for sure, and you stayed home alone.
I do not like to be sad and bored, I like to have fun and enjoy life.
And in order to be fun and joyful, I invite home to visit a cheerful girl.
And how it happened that I stayed home alone, She is my aunt left me
the keys to the apartment and asked me to look after the apartment.
Aunt Galya: Sergey, we are going to rest for a week I leave you the keys
from the apartment and I want you to watch the apartment and feed the cat until I get back.
Me: Well I’ll keep an eye on the apartment and will feed the cat.
So I was left alone at home, you even can not imagine how I was
sad lonely boring in a 3-bedroom apartment with a hundred-meter Euro repair.
And how lucky I was when I met a funny girl in the Elevator.
She is a fun girl brightened my loneliness in the night.

To be continued. What will be in the next part of the story ? Watch the tape !
Questions, answers here :

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