Love next door


Dear readers, I don’t write romantic stories that often,
but this is a romantic moment in my life.
New photo Earrings :
I really and very often asked a question !
Who took your picture like that, who was she ?
Who took your picture in the apartment on Borisovsky ?
It is about this romantic cases I want to tell you.

Warning this article contains material for adults, not recommended for persons under the age of 18.

The first part is Introduction.
She : Hello.
Me: Hello.
She : I saw you, we’ve met before?,
you are from which place ?
I : I the 14th floor, and you ?
Her : I’m from the 15th floor, you have the window of the apartment on which side ?
I : we Have Windows on the street, and you ?
She : I Have in the yard, Oh and you could show me the apartment I’m so curious !
Me: Yes of course, let me show you the apartment.
The small Elevator car stopped on the 14th floor, we got off the Elevator.
I got the keys and a minute later we both entered the apartment.
She : you Have a good apartment, big, comfortable. You’ll have a nice life.
Me: what are you doing tonight ?
She: Even not know, and you ? Oh you’re a photographer ? Could you take a picture of me ?
(In the bedroom near the big bed in the tripod was a camera)
Me: what’s your name ? Yes, of course I’ll shoot you, come tonight.
She : my name is — — — — — and you ?
I: and me name is Sergei.
We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet at my house tonight.

Part two-One at home.
You know one home is boring and sad, for sure, and you stayed home alone.
I do not like to be sad and bored, I like to have fun and enjoy life.
And in order to be fun and joyful, I invite home to visit a cheerful girl.
And how it happened that I stayed home alone, She is my aunt left me
the keys to the apartment and asked me to look after the apartment.
Aunt Galya: Sergey, we are going to rest for a week I leave you the keys
from the apartment and I want you to watch the apartment and feed the cat until I get back.
Me: Well I’ll keep an eye on the apartment and will feed the cat.
So I was left alone at home, you even can not imagine how I was
sad lonely boring in a 3-bedroom apartment with a hundred-meter Euro repair.
And how lucky I was when I met a funny girl in the Elevator.
She is a fun girl brightened my loneliness in the night.

Part three a Romantic evening by candlelight and Cooney under the table.
In the apartment rang the front door, I walked over to the door and without looking through the peephole opened the door.
I knew a pretty neighbor was coming to see me tonight.
A slender girl with high heels in a short folded skirt entered the apartment
and a semitransparent blouse. Serge, I turn the lights off (said the girl).
The girl bent down slightly, and I saw two small folds slightly encircling her little ass.
The girl just stretched out for the light switch turned the light off in the hallway. (Just imagine this picture).
For the next 40 minutes, all I could think about was her white lace panties.
Ah (barely breathing from excitement screamed the girl). I took the girl’s hand and led her to a beautifully laid table.
In the candlelight was sparkling bubbles of champagne in glasses, in saucers lay small portions of salad.
Serezha I like this little white table, you know that I love all the white (said a ringing voice girl).
As it is weak, why only champagne and salad (she asked) ?
My little thing, a romantic dinner should be light as a feather, because it is only a prelude (I said).
By the way, this salad is called Mimosa and I’ve made it myself, I love to cook, I did it for you Busacca my (I said).
And what kind of foreplay (she asked) ? I want to make you Cooney, it will be my surprise (I said) !
The plates were empty glasses of champagne had been drunk and the candles continued to burn.
Don’t move I’ll do it myself, just move a little closer to the table what I would have been better (as I said).
I climbed under the table. Serge you really want me to do Kuni (she asked) ? Yes, my little thing (I said).
The girl sat closer to the table, I gently barely touching he ran his fingers over her velvety skin. Girl slowly slowly
she began to push her legs apart. I caressed her slender legs under the table, but the foreplay did not last long. Slowly and very
gently I began to remove the girl with her white lace panties. I could hear her breathing (a little breathless with excitement).
Serge, I’ll take off my skirt (the girl whispered). There is no need I will climb under the skirt, don’t move just enjoy it (I replied).
I held the top of her pussy with the tip of his nose, his tongue, I began to make circular movements slightly licking her pussy.
Oh (cried the girl), Serge can be deeper, even more (said the sonorous voice of the girl).
Yes Seryozha this the clitoris, caress his caress caress caress caress (trembling from pleasure voice cast girl).
Serge Serge Serge Serge you are my boy don’t stop better around the clitoris tongue (the girl whispered).

Part of the fourth bath with rose petals and white foam on her lips.
Oh Yes Serge you are able to meet girls (the girl whispered). The girl swaying out from behind his Desk and leaning against the wall
went to the side of the bath, still in the skirt but now without the little white lace panties. Oh what is it ? (cried the lady).
It’s a bath for us (whispered in her ear I). Bath with flowers but why without foam ? Although the foam will now, you know now
as I know how to work the tongue (a light voice said the girl). We undressed quickly. Hooray, you shave (screamed
and clapped the girl). Serge and I can feel it, just under the water in the bath (said the girl).
Together we plunged into the warm rose petals bath. Her gentle hand caressed me (you can not even imagine
how nice it is). Sereja you have a big he grows, he’s not fit behind my cheek, I have the same little mouth
(said the shrill voice of the girl). Sergei don’t you dare cum, I want you to finish me in her mouth and or lips (said the girl).
It is necessary to flush my water, so it will be more convenient (I whispered). Yes, of course (said the girl). Bath with rose petals, empty
in 15 minutes. The girl gently holding my penis bent down. With one hand gently caressing the testicles and the tongue is gently licking dick with
more attention to the tip of your cock. After five minutes of foreplay, the girl took my cock in her mouth and began to masturbate with her lips.
I felt her tongue touching the tip of my cock, after 20 minutes I finished in her mouth. Serge go into the bedroom, I will come through
10 minutes. In the bedroom, put my skirt and my shoes I want to play a little with you (licking sperm from her fingers, said the girl).

Part five Role play in the bedroom and a green Dildo in action.
I wore a skirt and shoes, (you’d be surprised but the skirt was my size) 20 minutes later a naked girl entered the room.
Looking at the slender figure of the girl, my cock began to get up a little getting out from under the skirt. Next to the big bed there was a camera on a tripod.
The girl took the camera, Seryozha I want to arrange you a photo shoot on the bed with a skirt. Sereja you have a nice figure like a girl
and you have long legs, Sergei I want you to twist skirt (said the girl). Started my photo shoot girl photographed
me in different poses : on bed, alongside the bed, in skirts, without skirts she photographed me in the most perverted poses.
Serge never tell about this night, if you tell me I will post your personal pictures in the skirt, on the Internet and all you
will see, everyone will talk about you, all you will discuss (said the girl). How sweetie it’s not fair (I said) ?
I did not think of these pics, let’s change the subject. Where are you so well learned to do kuni (she asked) ?
There is in Moscow one clinic in this clinic there is a Department of gynecology, the girls from this clinic taught me everything. I then
sold this clinic as a business. When I came to the shows with the buyer, the buyer left and then I stayed and
girls from this clinic Cooney did. That’s why I know women’s gynecology so well (I replied).
And often you take on shows (asked the girl) ? Sweetie I just have work so I often entertain the customers in the apartments.
Clients are different: girls, aunts, grandmothers, boys, uncles, grandfathers, they all take me (I replied).
Serge, but it turns out that the realtor profession and prostitutes the same (she asked) ? Yes indeed it is, I like it
the profession of a realtor because the schedule is free can be combined. During the day I’m a realtor and at night I do escort services, I often
give a ride home on different machines (responded I). Serezha I want to try your ass (said the girl). The girl took a big
green Dildo, greased it with vaseline. Sergei arise cancer (said the girl). One hand masturbating my cock,
the other hand she began to slowly drive a Dildo in my virgin ass. I moaned breathlessly, feeling
green Dildo enters me. Serge you like it (screamed and clapped her hands girl) !
Serezha you uncles often take ? I saw how happy you were when I told you in the ass green Dildo was inserted (she asked).
Yes, I have a lawyer uncle from the street Electrode, he often takes me in the ass. (I replied) He and I meet often, first we
walk to restaurants on Tverskaya then to the hotel. From the beginning I suck him, then he takes me in the ass (I replied).

Part six Slutty girl loves the pose 69.
Serge what’s the name of the uncle of the lawyer from the streets of the Electrode and how did you meet him (she asked) ?
I uncle a lawyer from the streets of the Electrode is met when the apartments he sold the documents prepared for sale.
When I met him in the office he complimented me he said that my ass is small and I have to wear a skirt,
and then he took me to a restaurant on Tverskaya invited (I replied). Serge how is the clinic where you girls taught,
I want to go to the clinic to go (she asked) ? The clinic is called ——-. girls in this clinic love 69 pose and figure
the girls from the clinic good 90-60-90 (I replied). Serezha I will definitely come to the clinic ——- and meet the girls,
and then I’ll kill the lawyer on Electrode street because only I have the right to take you in the ass (screamed girl).
My pussy don’t be so jealous (I replied). Serezha I’m a very bad girl I want you to spank me on the ass,
and then he took me in the ass with a green Dildo (the girl said in a gentle voice). Come on I’ll get up crustaceans
and you slowly starting to enter me Dildo, I’ll tell you how to insert and spank me on the ass (said the girl).
The girl on the bed got crustaceans lifted her ass I slapped her on the ass and was a little circular motion slowly
enter the Dildo in the ass every two minutes spanking the girl. So comfortable (I asked) ? Serge keep it up I like
like you do. Seryozha can be deeper and can be to dispose, spank me spank me spank me (quiet voice told girl).
Serezha, I will suck your cock a little bit until it becomes big and hard, and while you masturbate me in the ass with a Dildo.
When your cock becomes big and hard, I want you to take me in the ass, I want to feel your cock in his ass (whispered girl).
My cock became big and hard, I slapped the girl on the ass and introduced the cock in her ass. Girl moaning with pleasure begged me
spank her ass. Sergei if you want you can cum in my ass (whispered girl). Serezha I like your cock I want to suck it
and you lick my pussy, Serezha I want a pose 69. (said the girl). I like the girls from the clinic, I also love 69 (the girl said).



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To be continued. What will be in the next part of the story ? Watch the tape !
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