Vnukovo, Moscow

One of the attractions of the Novomoskovsk district of Moscow
this is Vnukovo airport. Here I sit at home on Saturday and I think it would be good
to go out of town on nature, from Ramenok to Vnukovo airport
there is nothing to get yet, but from the Rasskazovka it will be possible. By the way what is
tells me that without politics there will not be, that is open
a new branch (the line from Ramenki to Rasskazovka) closer to the elections of the mayor of Moscow.


But let’s leave politics aside and go to nature to the planes that’s just people go to the country and on the way to stop to see


on planes taking off into the sky, to be honest with the Kiev highway
you can see a little for that, on the way to stop you can warm up a little


the net fence in the photo can be seen, it certainly interferes-better than concrete come to see the planes whole families, even with small children


the naked eye can be seen badly and without good optics can not do for landing
went, go to the landing in the direction of the area so the first touch is not visible


acceleration, charged with the transaction of the transition




disappears high in the sky


these are different planes, so it looks from the Kiev highway.
Questions, answers here :

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