2018 FIFA world Cup Russia

The 2018 FIFA world Cup as it was in Russia, all articles in one.

Rampant crowds of football fans walking around Moscow
they jump, they shout, they drink beer,they swear.
Today’s Moscow is not for walking.
Rampant crowds : https://sergeykorovkin.livejournal.com/133038.html


Football, fans, live broadcasts, Souvenirs and good mood all this on the fan zone in Luzhniki, free and free entrance Fan zone Luzhniki stadium : https://sergeykorovkin.livejournal.com/133431.html


It is of import ultras noted previously, stickers were not.
Football Park : https://sergeykorovkin.livejournal.com/134098.html


Team Russia played their now rooting for France. On football, on broadcast match Denmark 0: 0 France Everyday Fan fest : https://sergeykorovkin.livejournal.com/134418.html


Last day FIFы what FIFы ? Fifa 2018.
One of the places of pilgrimage at the world Cup is the fan zone on the Sparrow hills
there on the final and championship match went most of the fans from different
the world, the French were a little likely all at the Luzhniki stadium
The last day of the 2018 Fifa world Cup Russia : https://sergeykorovkin.livejournal.com/137167.html


Questions, answers here : https://79161230044.com/

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