Health Clinic

Why you should choose us !!!
The HIGH-LEVEL SPECIALISTS : All our specialists have high
qualification and extensive experience.
MORE than 10 YEARS IN MEDICINE : Over the years, our clinic has established itself.
MODERN EQUIPMENT : the Use of modern high-tech
equipment, makes it possible to carry out treatment and diagnosis on
(European international) high level.
ULTRASOUND DIAGNOSTICS : ultrasound of adults and children of all organs and systems
on modern high-tech equipment.
LABORATORY DIAGNOSIS : More than 3,000 tests, urgent tests,
office of videosfemale (semen), blood sampling 0 years.
Colposcopy : WITH the help of an optical device, a survey is carried out to identify
pathological formations located in the vaginal cavity and cervix.

Contacts : 7 (499) 700-01-03
Website : http://клиника-здоровья.Rusyi/
city of Moscow
Nagatinskaya embankment str., 10 korp. Three

From metro station Kolomenskaya:
Tram No. 35, 47, 47к, 49 (3 stops) — to the stop «2-y Nagatinsky proezd»;
Bus № 751 (4 stops) — to the stop «Nagatinskaya embankment, 12″
From metro M. Nagatinskaya:
Tram number 35, 47 (4 stops) — to the stop » 7th trolleybus Park»;
Bus # 751 (7 stops) — to the stop «Nagatinskaya Naberezhnaya, d. 10».
Health clinic is located in a residential building, the entrance to the Department from the yard.
Entry under the barrier on a call to the clinic.


Prosperous residential area : With the care of the patients ‘ people to customers. The clinic is located in a residential area and has established itself among local residents as a model: good and better, always and at all times decent treatment to patients-customers. Clinic staff always ready to respond with love and care to any request of the patient.


Reception or reception :
Without coupons and queues, the clinic’s specialists will always come to help you at a convenient time for you.
Just make an appointment with a specialist or visit the reception !


The Gynecologist’s office and Brolga : GYNECOLOGY : Treatment of the following diseases : inflammatory, background and precancerous diseases of the cervix and vulva; inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs; sexually transmitted infections; sexual dysfunction in women; endocrinological disorders in women: menstrual disorders, obesity, excessive growth of body hair, acne; infertility; climacteric disorders. Diagnostic method : Ultrasound of the pelvis, mammary glands ; colposcopy; a biopsy of the cervix and vulva; radio wave destruction of the cervix; Intimate contour plastic : aesthetic rejuvenation of the external genitals, correction of genital prolapse of the first degree, correction of sexual dysfunction. Plastic surgery on the external genitals : labiaplasty, hymenoplasty; removal of pointed warts, anogenital warts; treatment of sclerosing lichen (kraurosis) of the vulva; individual selection of contraceptive method; introduction of intrauterine contraceptive devices; preparation for pregnancy, management of pregnancy; correction of menopausal disorders. UROLOGY AND ANDROLOGY Health clinic, helps in the treatment of diseases associated with the male reproductive system : Sexual dysfunction; Erectile dysfunction (impotence); Premature ejaculation; Andropause (male menopause); Anorgasmia (men’s menopause); Androgen deficiency (testosterone deficiency); Weakening of libido (decrease in sexual attraction); Diseases of the reproductive system; Male infertility. Manipulations (procedures) urological : Urologist examination; Urethral smear (scraping). The taking of material for research; Prostate massage (prostate); Taking the secret of the prostate gland for research; Bladder catheterization in men and women; Irrigation of the bladder; Replacement of cystostomy drainage, Pezzer, Foley, Nelaton catheter, etc.; Capillary puncture of the bladder; Puncture hydrocele (hydrocele of testicular membranes); Diagnosis of urological diseases : Digital rectal examination of the prostate (prostate); Uroflowmetry; Urethroscopy (anterior) in men to the external sphincter; Urethroscopy in women and men (front and back); Cystoscopy in men and women; Puncture, aspiration testicular biopsy; Testicular biopsy (open); Biopsy of skin tumors of the genital area. Therapy (treatment) of urological diseases : Instillation intraurethral in men and women; Intravesical instillation of men and women; Transrectal and transvaginal electromyostimulation; Medicinal bandage when balanitis, balanoposthitis; Finger rectal prostate massage therapy; Tamponade of the urethra; Reduction of the glans in paraphimosis the; Removal of the head in physiological phimosis, separation of synechiae; Coagulation (drug) of condyloma / papilloma of the skin of external genitals; Coagulation and removal (high frequency radio wave). Warts of the skin or mucous membranes of the external genitals; Application anesthesia of the skin or mucous membrane of the urogenital area; Anesthesia infiltration conductive intracavernous; Blockade (anesthesia) of the seminal cord; Treatment of urinary incontinence in women using the «Urodex» system (BioPolymer GmbH & Co.KG, Germany) WE GUARANTEE CONFIDENTIALITY.


Dental office :
Innovative technologies of teeth whitening.
In our clinic we perform procedures for teeth whitening without damaging the enamel.
We do not use chemical or mechanical bleaching, which leads to damage to the tooth enamel.
Our modern equipment.
Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are carried out with the help of modern equipment-ultrasound, laser,
dental microscope, physiotherapy devices. For early diagnosis of periodontal disease, we use
the latest development of the world’s manufacturers of dental equipment – automated system «Florida Proub».
Our specialist.
Only high-level specialists with extensive practical experience in well-known clinics work in the health Clinic.
Our specialists regularly take training courses both in Russia and in the USA, Israel, Germany.
We always keep up with the times and follow all the new technologies in dentistry.


Treatment room : The clinic is an official representative of the company Gemotest. The manipulation room is fully equipped with modern equipment, disposable syringes, systems, tubes. We are constantly monitoring compliance with the sterility of instruments and treatment rooms of our clinic. Highly qualified nurses with more than ten years of experience work in the treatment room and experience with children from birth. Manipulations carried out in the treatment room : Automatically measures 142 ECG amplitude-time parameters Forms typical cardiocycle with marking of teeth When using thermal paper without a coordinate grid prints a grid with a step of 1 or 5 mm in the output of ECG and typical cardiocycles Automatically generates a syndrome diagnostic conclusion of ECG for adults and children from 1 year with high efficiency (the sensitivity and specificity of determining the main electrocardiographic syndromes is not less than 95%). Number of diagnosis-categories-241 Produces statistical analysis of the heart rate with the output of the measured parameters to print and provides the construction of cardiointervalograms, scattergram and histograms of RR-intervals (version) Allows to monitor rhythm with arrhythmia detection Determines whether the patient has a pacemaker Prints all of the above parameters intravenous injection intravenous drip infusions intramuscular injection emergency care in case of emergency conditions There is an autoclave for sterilization of instruments. The nurses have uniforms, robes and hats. Medical gloves are used during the manipulation and treatment of the room. In the office there is a bactericidal lamp two couches, tables on wheels.


Therapeutic and Neurological the office :
The therapist is the first doctor who is usually treated by patients in need of medical care.
Contact a therapist should be both for preventive purposes and for the treatment of a specific problem.
A competent therapist must have knowledge of areas related to therapy, such as: pulmonology,
gastroenterology, cardiology, Nephrology, endocrinology, rheumatology and, if necessary, refer the patient to a specialist.
Regular preventive examinations at the therapist will help to identify possible problems and eliminate them before any symptoms.
Preventing a disease is always easier than treating it.
Treat disease :
colds and respiratory viral diseases (INFLUENZA, ARI, SARS, etc.);
respiratory system diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis);
cardiovascular pathology-coronary artery disease, stenography, hypertension, atherosclerosis;
diagnose cardiovascular diseases (NDCs, hypertension, ischemia), certain blood diseases (anemia), common disorders;
violation of the gastrointestinal tract;
joint diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, lumbago);
systemic autoimmune diseases;
pathology of the urinary system;
dysfunction of the hematopoietic system;
directs, if necessary, to the right specialist to clarify the diagnosis;
we systematize all the information and draw up a treatment program for the patient.
Who needs treatment from a therapist.
If you are experiencing discomfort, strange pain or other unpleasant sensations, and what is the reason you do not know yet, then you need to contact a therapist.
In the case of colds, poisoning, prolonged cough or headaches, you also need to make an appointment with this doctor.
The therapist’s appointment is paid, but the prices for services are affordable.
A specialist of the health Clinic will write a plan of examinations, conduct an examination and, based on the results of the tests, make a final or preliminary diagnosis.
The latter means that you need to contact a specialist – gynecologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, urologist, etc. As to what exactly is and suggest a therapist.
Neurology is the science that studies the human nervous system.
Modern advances in neurology provide ample opportunities for research
and evaluation of the anatomical structure and functional state of various structures of the Central and peripheral nervous system,
that allows you to reliably diagnose and effectively treat neurological disorders. In neurology, the doctor (neurologist) diagnoses and individually selects the treatment,
based on the data of clinical examination (survey and examination), taking into account the results of instrumental research methods and the conclusions of other specialists.
facial headache (migraine, bell’s paralysis, tremor, Tiki, etc.));
seizures, epileptic seizures (unconsciousness, loss of consciousness, etc.));
back pain (radiculitis, hernia, osteochondrosis, etc.));
back injuries, head injuries, including their consequences;
stroke, with its inherent consequences;
Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.
Some symptoms may indicate that the consultation of the neurologist on the part of the patient is not only unnecessary, but also extremely necessary.
We will highlight the symptoms when to contact a neurologist:
migraines, severe and frequent headaches.
sleep disturbance in the form of frequent awakenings, insomnia;
violation of coordination of movements;
dizziness, fainting, mental disorders;
memory impairment.


Pharmacy with private entrance :
Delivery of medicines to the house.
We deliver medicines in the area of Kolomenskaya and Nagatinskaya.
Delivery Of 500 Rubles.
Delivery is carried out from 1 500 Rubles.
Delivery from 1 000 Rubles to disabled people and pensioners.

Of course, this article is 100% advertising and primarily advertises
clinic services, most of the material taken from the official website of the clinic.
When I wrote this article in my head flashed the thought (everything is so good, even do not want to sell)
but, the clinic is offered for sale and is sold as a ready-made business.
You can buy a clinic and will receive a stable income, please contact 8 916 123 00 44 Sergey.
Questions, answers here :

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