If bored, what to do ?

What if very boring, how to have fun on Friday night.
There is a proposal, a walk on the lookout in Moscow city.
Apartment Oko 354 meters 87 floor, the highest observation deck in Europe.
Ticket is not cheap 2000 rubles a single visit.


I will tell you about the rules of visiting the observation deck. The best time of year to visit the observation deck is summer, climb the observation deck the site is better in hot weather, there at an altitude of 354 meters is very cold and the wind blows


construction cranes Neva Towers


on the observation deck there are no high glass fences and no canopy if it starts to rain, be ready to get wet


if you take pictures from a height, the iconic places of the city


Poklonnaya hill


all day at the observation for 2000 rubles, which is included in the ticket price :
visit the observation deck, choose tea, coffee or cocktail


observation deck on the lower level there is a small restaurant where you can eat with a view of Moscow


skyscraper of Moscow state University


time on the observation will fly by, I came at 21: 00 and did not even notice how it was dark, the observation deck is open until 23: 00


Luzhniki Stadium


there is a tour guide on the observation deck, if it is interesting to listen to


The Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Temple of Christ the Savior


Apartments Oko the highest high-rise in Moscow city all the others below


house on Kudrinskaya square


if you are very hungry, you can go to the nearby restaurant Ruski


and meet some glamorous girl


Ostankino television tower


can you believe last night was a memorable one, only came home in the morning


in a decent society it is not customary to discuss such things, (it’ll be our secret !).


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