The line from Ramenki to Rasskazovka

June 21, 2018 Sergey Sobyanin held a technical launch of the metro station
The Ramenki to Rasskazovka, I want to note yet only a technical start-up
that is, trains with passengers yet the line from Ramenki to Rasskazovka do not go.
And how does the ground lobbies of metro stations look like today, at what stage of construction ?
And to show you the future of the metro I decided to ride the line from Ramenki to Rasskazovka on the bike.


Michurinsky prospect — — — Borovskoe highway. What I saw ? Construction fences many work is going on and my opinion is two more months, most likely a new section of the subway it will open towards the end of July or early August 2018.


One of the most beautiful stations of the new metro is Michurinsky Prospekt, this building pleased me
go finishing work ennoble the surrounding area, all is well.


The next metro station on Michurinsky Prospekt is Ozernaya, station lobbies not particularly stand out architecture usual entrances to the subway green finishing work is almost completed.


Do not pay attention to this is an ordinary snack somewhere on the Borovsky highway.
That did not pay attention and drove the station on the Borovsky Govorovo highway.


One of the most beautiful landscapes, surely you have already seen this picture this is the station Solntsevo, all the finishing works are completed perfectly.


Borovskoe shosse and Novoperedelkino metro stations are located on Borovskoye shosse


finishing work in full swing, Borovskoe highway metro station can not yet even boast of ready-made inputs only frame


at the station Novoperedelkino things a little better lobbies ready
both stations do not stand out for their special architecture (soon and at work).


The final station here and it Rasskazovka, lost in the background of large buildings under construction by the way, the buildings under construction are future shopping centers and business centers, Rasskazovka vestibules ordinary little red color of.


I specifically made a panoramic photo, the station Rasskazovka it is also large
transport interchange hub from here will drive buses on residential complexes
Novomoskovsk district.


I specifically left intrigue.
More photos and a more detailed report from the already open metro stations.
I’m gonna ride underground. To be continued.
Questions, answers here :

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