Fan zone Luzhniki

Football, fans, live broadcasts, Souvenirs and good mood
all this on the fan zone in Luzhniki, free and free entrance


live broadcasts of the world Cup from all over the country on the big screen and screens in Luzhniki a lot, football will see everything


of course, the area is full, you want to conveniently watch football
take with you inflatable mattresses and on the fan platform


championship Souvenirs: swords, flags, t-shirts, scarves, caps, key chains, magnets with the symbols of the countries participating in the world Cup, you can buy on the fan zone


I bought myself a t-shirt France, a fridge magnet and gave me
champion Bank card visa Alfa Bank, shopping card


symbols of the world Cup in the metro


at the metro station Vorobyovy Gory, the best moments scored goals


please note the special mode of public transport near the world Cup


for example, metro stations operate only at the entrance and exit
and closed for entry and exit


happy holidays !
Questions, answers here :

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